Type in an ATM serial number below and click 'Search'. This will display the card reader type that this ATM shipped with from the factory. Note that this only confirms how the ATM was ordered, and cannot tell if the ATM has been upgraded in the field.


The ATM Serial number is 4-letters and 6-numbers. Make sure you are entering the ATM Serial and not the serial number of a printer or power supply. Any incorrect number will be returned as 'Invalid Serial Number'.

To contact Technical Support or Customer Service Call 510-344-6344

Technical Support / Customer Service are available Monday - Friday from 8AM - 6PM CT. (excluding holidays)

Genmega Technical Bulletins

If you would like to be included in the email list for Genmega Technical or Service Bulletins, please submit here Here

Download and Resources

For product documentation and manuals, see the ‘Products’ page for each ATM/Kisok under the Resources tab. Software updates are available through your Distributor or from Technical Support.

Training Programs

Genmega offers hands-on training programs at our facility, please contact Technical Support for details.


Genmega ATMs come with 24 months limited warranty. Please see the Operators Manual for complete warranty details.


Genmega offers in-house repair services for all of our products. Please contact technical support and obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number to send your product back for repair. Distributors can log in and request an RMA number online. Do not ship parts to Genmega without RMA numbers.


Parts are available through out Distributor Network, or you can contact Genmega directly to purchase via credit card. Please contact Technical Support or Sales at 510-344-6333